CFO / Controller

Whether a company is large or small, growing or downsizing, or transitioning senior finance staff, an experienced CFO / Controller is a key component of the management team. Outsourcing this senior management position can be a cost effective solution when an individual at this level is a necessity but not on a full time basis.

Along with management we will determine the level and types of support needed. This could be as little as one day a month to weeks and the duration of the assignment can be for short or long periods. As support requirements change the amount of time dedicated will be adjusted accordingly. Our goal is to provide quality professional financial advice without the cost burden of a salary and benefits that come with a senior financial manager.

Services provided as an outsourced CFO or Controller are:

  • Staff Development: Mentoring, supervision, and training of staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Financial Statement Preparation: Design accurate and timely monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements. Timely preparation allows management to react quickly where corrective action is time sensitive.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Assist in the preparation of the annual budget as well as ongoing updating of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow forecasts during the course of the year. Ongoing monitoring of actual results against the budget and forecasts allows management to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.
  • Cash Management: Development of a cash flow model to project future cash needs. This is critical to the banking relationship. The objective is to keep the bank informed of potential cash requirements so that they are never surprised with cash shortfall emergencies.
  • Bank Financing: Assist management in explaining financial results and operating forecasts to lending institutions in order to obtain adequate financing to cover cash flow requirements.
  • Internal Control Analysis: Internal controls are reviewed to ensure adequate procedures are in place related to segregation of duties, timely and accurate customer invoicing, expense recognition, inventory control, and reliable financial statements.
  • Manage Audit Process and Tax Return Preparation: Ensure that all items on the “Prepared by Client” (PBC) request received from external auditor and tax preparer is complete, accurate, and provided by the date requested. The result is reduced billable hours and a more predictable fee for these services.
  • Turnaround Support: S&G has worked on numerous turnaround assignments. The ability to quickly access and provide meaningful information has been developed through practice in dealing with the muddied data common in many troubled situations. This experience enables us to assist management with restoring profitability, evaluating and optimizing staffing levels, work with creditors, and refinance debt. Our experience enables us to identify the early warning signs of financial difficulty and head them off in healthy companies.
  • Forensic Accounting: Review of cash and balance sheet transactions as well as account reconciliations to ensure proper support and documentation exists for transactions recorded.


These are an example of the key services and benefits available. 

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